CareTracker API Documentation

This documentation is intended for use by third-party application developers which will describe registration, syntax, functionality and errors/exceptions they will see when using the FHIR API to integrate with provider(s) using the CareTracker software.

CareTracker §170.315(G)(10) FHIR API Documentation


Developers wishing to integrate with the API must contact the PHI Provider that uses CareTracker as their EMR. CareTracker is a SaaS EMR solution and as such, each API instance is separate based on the Provider (each Provider is considered a separate entity and will have their own API URL, registration for which third-party developers have access to their data via the FHIR API on their system, and each Provider is responsible for maintaining the rights of API accounts). Once a Provider decides to grant access to you as a third-party developer, they will set up a new developer account with access to the API based on the needs of the developer and agreed upon permissions with the Provider.


The fees outlined below are applicable to the 3rd party application developer/vendors and individual practice (end users) whose objective is to interface and extract patient information using FHIR APIs to be provided to patients requesting personal electronic health information.                                                                   

API Developer/Vendor
CareTracker End User (Practice)
ONC 2015 Edition Certified API License
No additional charge – included in active support agreement
Integration Assistance, Implementation, Testing, Education and Ongoing Support
Hourly at standard billable rates ($175/hour) – minimum 8 hours
No additional charge – included in active support agreement

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