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Protect practice data and easily retrieve patient information.

Healthcare data has increasingly become a target for hackers. They target your practice’s patient information, starting with simple snooping and leading to identity theft, prescription scams, tax fraud, and false Medicare/insurance claims. Having a cybersecurity plan is critical to the long-term functioning of your medical practice and ensuring your data is not compromised. In the advancing digital age, it’s essential to ensure your tools are protected from ongoing threats, whether it be cyber attacks or outages driven by natural disasters and other external forces.

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Our IT services

Keeping your data and technology safe

Based on the needs of your practice, we can help you ensure data and information are protected in a variety of ways. Harris Ambulatory Group offers EHR systems that can be entirely cloud-based for remote access anytime and locally installed systems that you can secure on your own servers. We also offer cybersecurity services staffed by highly skilled analysts working to strengthen your security and ensure the threat of a data compromise is diminished. We’ll work with you to evaluate your needs, consider your options, and create a specialized plan for maintaining the safety of your healthcare organization’s data.

As a healthcare provider, HIPAA compliance requires you to protect patient information. Where hospital systems are able to have large IT departments, independent practices need to leverage specialized tools to help in the fight.
Harris Ambulatory Group offers cybersecurity services to monitor and protect your practice’s network, devices, and cloud services on a 24/7/365 basis. They work to proactively warn you of any potential threats before they impact your systems.

Maintaining your software internally requires you to spend additional time and money outsourcing IT personnel, taking you away from treating patients. You also run the risk of losing access to patient data in the event that your system hardware is damaged or threatened by hackers.

By hosting your electronic health record or other software, your complete system is securely stored in local and office datacenters. All practice data is accessible through the cloud, allowing you to retrieve patient information anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. You can work from the office, hospital, home, or even from a house call. In addition to safely storing patient data, your practice can also reduce hardware costs, eliminate local server hardware, and ensure care delivery.

Whether you are in a location with a spotty Internet connection or feel strongly about keeping your data on site, we have EHR options that can live on your own servers. We also offer separate backup options that you can use to protect your practice in case of natural disasters or other disruptions to access.

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