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Remotely monitor and treat patients to improve care outcomes

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A Reliable Solution to Conduct Virtual Visits

COVID-19 was a catalyst for remote access to healthcare. Treating patients remotely is increasingly common and demand for remote treatment options will only continue to grow in the future. Independent practices can deliver virtual care, continuously track patient health, and enhance care outcomes.

Our virtual care services

Adapting to the future of healthcare

Delivering care remotely is an ever-growing necessity in today’s healthcare landscape. Many patients rely on these services to receive care in a safe and efficient manner. By introducing virtual care services into your practice, you can enhance the patient experience while helping patients maintain their ongoing health goals.

Remote Patient Monitoring, or RPM, allows your practice to maintain continuity of care while receiving patient data in real time. Harris Ambulatory Group’s RPM services, enabled by our first-of-its-kind Vitals360 device, encourage patients to be active participants in their healthcare management. It allows providers to view daily vitals and patient data, monitor disease progression, view feedback, make prescription changes, and deliver additional therapies directly to the patient from the comfort of their own home.

With RPM, patients and providers develop a collaborative relationship where patients are empowered to manage their care and make joint decisions to improve care outcomes. In addition, barriers to receive care are eliminated, improving the overall quality of life among patients.

We offer a game-changing development in the ability to remotely monitor patients. The Vitals360 device is the first professional-grade multi-vitals diagnostic device to perform five physiological measurements, including BP, SpO2, Glucose, Temp, ECG, and body weight when connected to a Bluetooth-enabled scale.

Do you treat chronic patients? Do you have patients who need consistent care but are unable to visit your office? For Medicare Populations exceeding 250 patients or patients with two or more chronic conditions, you may qualify to bill for existing codes related to CCM, RPM, and behavioral health.

With full-service remote clinical staff augmentation, a Virtual Care Assistant can help alleviate financial burdens and fill gaps in patient care. Because the program leverages existing billing codes, you can begin immediately with no upfront costs. Many practices experience increased revenue and improved patient engagement without compromising a high level of care.
With virtual care becoming a pivotal element of many practices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing a telehealth tool is essential in effectively serving your patient population and ensuring patients can receive care without the need for an in-office visit.

Telehealth services from Harris Ambulatory Group allow you to treat patients remotely through secure HIPAA-compliant text and video conversations. With the click of a button, providers can deliver efficient care while improving patient satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

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Let's talk!

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