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For historical cases (those cases created prior to the portal pilot period), associated emails and comments are not displayed. However, you are able to view the current status of all cases. Please also note that you are able to submit portal comments for all open cases via the portal, even if the case was created prior to the pilot period.

From the portal, communication about cases is accomplished solely through Portal Comments. From your Case List, click on the arrow next to the case, select View and then Add Comment.

If there are no options listed in the Product dropdown, or the product you want is not listed, check that your administrator has selected all the relevant products for your organization from the Manage Products page.

For our partners, you can filter the list of cases by using the Company filter, and then clicking Apply Filter:

If you do not see all cases you expect to, use the View Selector to customize the subset of cases that you see in the Case List.

Depending on which view you have selected, you may see all the cases for your organization. If you prefer to see only the cases you submitted, use the View Selector to choose All My Cases.

Some cases require the involvement of other teams, for example, enrollment or finance. In order to manage those sub-tasks, “child” cases may be created, and these cases are exposed via the portal in order to communicate specifically for each sub-task. Additionally, you may notice the original (parent) case closes before the child cases are complete; this is a normal part of the process as the tracking is primarily done via the child cases.

If you are able to use the portal to submit cases, please submit a case and include “Portal” in the title. If you are unable to submit a case via the portal, please send an email to your usual support email address. Be sure to include the text “Portal” in the subject line.

For the purposes of this pilot, we encourage you to submit all cases via the portal, but email is still an available channel for submitting cases.

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