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Content Writing for Medical Practices

How Important is Content Marketing for Medical Practices?

A 2018 study revealed that 80 percent of American internet users looked for health information online.  (Grandview Research)

If you’re wondering why medical practices need content marketing, take a look at this statistic:

Around 60 percent of American social media users “rely on information posted by doctors on social media platforms.” (Grandview Research)

Content Writing Services for the Healthcare Industry Overview

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What is Medical Content Writing?

Content writing services for the healthcare industry (also referred to as medical journalism) are in higher demand than any other form of medical writing.

Medical content writers have a complex skillset.

They must understand:

  • Medical terminology
  • Medical writing guidelines
  • How the target audience communicates
  • What the target audience wants to know
  • SEO
  • And much more!

How is Content Marketing Important?

Marketing content is a fantastic way to create your online presence and place your practice in a positive light.

  • When you follow healthcare marketing trends, you are more likely to convert leads and beat your competitors in the competition for patients. (PracticeBuilders
  • Over 45 percent of searchers use voice searches daily when looking for local businesses. (BrightLocal)

If you want a share of the 1 billion voice searches occurring per month, you must have an online presence. (PracticeBuilders) Create top-notch, concise, and easy-to-read SEO content, and you will increase your chances of search engines and smart speakers suggesting your content – which is one step closer to winning a patient’s business.

  • Research indicates that “near me” searches have increased by 500 percent. (Chat Meter)

Many patients will choose the doctor closest to them over the one they believe will deliver a higher quality of care. Local SEO experts boost the power of your marketing campaigns by creating content the target audience is looking for, so the clinic receives local traffic to their website.

What You Can Expect From Us

SEO-Optimized Content Development

We’ll develop content for your website using SEO strategies.

Content Audits

Our SEO experts will audit and optimize your content for search engines and people. Then, we’ll compare how your website is assisting you in reaching your business objectives.

Content Strategy And Analysis

Using techniques like competitive analysis, audience insight, and performance insight, our team will analyze your website and its content to ensure your website delivers the relevant information your site visitors want to see.

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Content Types:

  • Website Content

    Website content includes written content, multimedia, and images. 

    Over 70 percent of marketers suggest creating content as the #1 SEO tactic. (PatientPop)

    Our team of experts will ensure your content is delivering amazing content.

  • Website Blogs

    Blogs are a great resource for patients, and you can use common questions your patients ask in your posts.

    Addressing common patient questions in content improves SEO and boosts your conversion rates. (DialogTech)

    We’ll write winning content that converts your followers to patients.

  • SEO Articles

    Our SEO experts will write articles for your website using SEO best practices.

  • Social Media Content

    Social media is an excellent opportunity for doctors to build a relationship with their target audience, converting them into loyal patients.

    The rate of purchase frequency is 250 percent higher in omnichannel campaigns than in single-channel campaigns. (ClickA)

    In other words, adding social media to your marketing campaigns offers a much higher ROI than only posting your content on a blog.

    We’ll create social media content for your target market on the platforms they visit regularly.

  • E-Books

    E-books demonstrate expertise, so your target market trusts you enough to make an appointment.

    Well-written and marketed e-books often bring in thousands of qualified leads. (Databox)

    Our team of content experts will write e-books for your website, so convert site visitors to patients.

  • Whitepapers

    Whitepapers are highly informative pieces of content and using them could increase your sales opportunities by as much as 20 percent. (Hubspot)

    We’ll write relevant, highly sought-after whitepapers for your target audience.

  • Infographics

    Infographics are a great way to enhance the flavor and readability of your content.

    People retain 55 percent more visual information than auditory information. (Visme)

    And they can follow directions over 320 percent better when writers pair text with an illustration than when there is no illustration. (Springer Link)

    Our content creation experts will create infographics for your target audience.

  • Videos

    Videos are the #1 most-consumed content type.

    Almost 90 percent of marketers who use video report that video delivers a good return on investment. (OptinMonster)

    Allow our content experts to create engaging videos that double as binge-worthy content and valuable information.

Benefits of Utilizing Our Content Creation Service

  • ROI
  • Lead generation
  • Lead conversion
  • Higher SERP rank
  • Audience engagement
  • Higher perceived expertise and authority
  • Meet your business objectives
  • Online presence

Feel secure knowing our SEO experts will create content search engines and your target audience want.


What are the different types of medical writing?

There are three main types of medical writing:

  1. Clinical
    • You’ll find clinical writing in:
      • Consent forms
      • Clinical reports for clinical trials
      • Protocols
  2. Regulatory
    • Those who report clinical trial data use regulatory writing.
  3. Scientific
    • Health and wellness blogs often use scientific writing.

What makes a good medical writer?

A good medical writer understands medical language and culture, and they know their target reader.

Do I really need to update content on my website?

Updating your content and providing a great user experience helps your website rank higher on the SERP.

How important is SEO content for a medical website?

SEO content drives traffic to the website, where your content can convert site visitors into patients. When trustworthy, valuable information is shared with visitors consistently, conversion rates increase. Additionally, local SEO allows your website to rank higher on the SERP with a map and a call button, which converts more searchers to patients.

Can quality content help my medical site to rank?

Great content signals expertise to search engines, which helps your website climb higher on the SERP.

Call now for medical content writing, so you can climb the SERP and convert site visitors to patients.

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