Harris Ambulatory Care Enterprise Awarded Silver Medal by Greenly for Exceptional Climate Strategy

Harris Ambulatory Care Enterprise Awarded Silver Medal by Greenly for Exceptional Climate Strategy

Silver Medal, Harris ACE BUs

Harris ACE BUs, a part of the Harris Healthcare family, are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Silver Medal by Greenly. This places Harris ACE in the top 15% of global organisations and indicates our proactive approach and commitment towards climate change and environmental responsibility.

Greenly is a recognized leader in digital carbon footprints and expert in assessing corporate climate performance. Greenly’s medal process involves a comprehensive assessment of a company’s greenhouse gas emissions, climate strategy, and environmental initiatives. By achieving the Silver Medal, Harris ACE BUs join a select group of companies that are making meaningful contributions to global sustainability goals.

"We are honored to receive the Silver Medal Certification from Greenly, placing us in the top 15% of companies in our sector for sustainability,” said Jumana Dholkawala, Portfolio Leader - Harris Ambulatory Care Enterprise (ACE). "This award not only acknowledges our current efforts but also inspires our future initiatives and reinforces our dedication to making sustainability central to everything we do at Harris ACE."

Jumana Dholkawala

Following a comprehensive assessment for the year 2023, the Harris ACE BUs reported total emissions of 1.2k tCO2e, divided into Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions. This assessment served as the basis for the group’s ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting a sustainable future.


By gaining insights into our carbon footprint and emission sources, we aim to strategically reduce our main emission contributors and establish a sustainable framework. Our goal is to offset our carbon footprint this year through tree planting, eco-friendly initiatives, and supporting clean water well projects.

The Harris ACE BUs are dedicated to sustainability and fighting climate change. The Greenly Silver Medal Certification, which is only attained by 15% of global companies at this level of climate governance, is a clear indication to our continued dedication towards our environmental responsibilities.